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Italian cuisine with Morella products.

Morella's cuisine with products from Italy.

From this mixture comes the spirit of our cuisine, with dishes such as: jerky carpaccio, partridge salad, pasta with black truffle, crispy blood sausage and prawns, rovellones pizza, etc. without forgetting the traditional Morellana cuisine: Morellana soup, croquettes, lamb, etc; and our assortment of homemade desserts: curd, tiramisu, panacotta, brownie, etc.


This is the third time I have come and it has never failed. It doesn't matter whether you come to eat pizza or whether you come to eat a menu or a menu. Everything is delicious. This time we have dined some pizzas, artisan and with good quality ingredients. The previous time I ate a menu that has typical Morellano, which had soup, Morelan croquettes and second lamb, it was all delicious. I recommend it 100%

Barbara and Caesar  (Tripadvisor)

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